What our customers say about Let Lulu

A food parcel was sitting on our doorstep when we brought our baby home from hospital. It was truly the most valued, useful and memorable gift we received, and the one I most recommend to anyone wanting to know what to give a new mum - food!  
Amanda Stewart
Love the service and the food. My go-to gift for parents of newborns. 
Jamila Rizvi
Seriously amazing food and Kate home delivers like a fairy godmother. Have just ordered for the third time and the husband has endorsed all future orders. Amazing business! 
Catherine Brooks
My lovely mothers group organised a gift voucher for me after the birth of my 2nd bub. Such a fantastic idea and such a big help having meals delivered to your door! Wonderful and friendly service too. Thank you! 
Kate King
My husband and I used to buy frozen meals from another company but have been searching for something that is not only more convenient and cheaper, but also tastier. We started ordering from Let Lulu a month or so ago and an absolutely blown away with the quality and the unbeatable price! We've tried every meal and they are all amazing! Our favourite is the Bucatini! One serve will even cover two people if you have a salad on the side. Kate is an absolute pleasure to correspond with (she emails every week and remembers everything we've talked about) and its the little touches like this that make the whole experience so much better than dealing with a big company. Love, love, love the freezer bags too!!  
Samantha Tivendale
 A big thank you to Let Lulu for delivering meals to a friend of mine who had just arrived home with two tiny babies after 7 long weeks in hospital. The meals were delicious, fresh and so easy to order - much more useful than a bunch of flowers! Kate delivered them personally which was a lovely touch too. Highly recommended to Melbourne peeps.
Gemma Lamplough
Sometimes flowers just don't cut it! So now there's Let Lulu, delicious home-cooked meals delivered. Not a paid endorsement-just a shout out from one working mama to another! 
Chrissie Swan
I had the pleasure of dealing with Kate from Let Lulu, with the prompt convenience of facebook. Kate's responses were prompt and professional but with an informal manner, putting me at ease. I ordered for a friend who is looking after both her elderly parents and is also a vegetarian. Great to know that Let Lulu have vegetarian options. It was lovely to surprise a friend with a Let Lulu food parcel when she is giving of herself so much to others but neglecting her own needs. She is sooo happy with her Let Lulu meals. 
Maria Etheridge
I discovered Let Lulu from a friend last year and their gift vouchers are now my go-to gifts for friends with newborns. As a mum of 3 little ones I certainly know how hard it is to look after things at home and feed everyone, especially in the early monthsof a new baby. And as much as I'd love to, it's hard to cook and then bring food to my friend's place who have just had a baby........Let Lulu is the perfect solution! The food is fresh, delicious, and healthy. Delivery is easy to organise and Kate is such a pleasure to deal with!! Thanks Kate.
Sally Lacey
Had my first taste of Let Lulu tonight and you can taste the love! Gifted to me by a lovely friend who knew I was in need of a feed! Can't wait for my own order to arrive next week. Looking forward to having the stress of meals taken off me next week! Highly recommend. 
Emma Choy
Meals were fantastic, full flavoured and so easy! Customer service was great too! Perfect for a new mum or even dad at work. Thanks Let Lulu! 
Krystal Delanty
I received a Let Lulu voucher to celebrate the birth of my son. I was such an excellent service and so wonderful to be able to have tasty meals delivered and all ready to go. My wife and I are really appreciative! Thanks Let Lulu!! :-) 
Tim Simon
Excellent customer service. I contacted Kate late on a Tuesday night (even though orders had closed) and she was able to organise 10 meals to be delivered less than 12 hours later for my loved one. So thankful for what was able to be accommodated, highly recommend Let LuLu. 
Emily Capaldo
Due to a very busy schedule this week I decided to order 8 meals through Let Lulu. Every meal I've had thus far has been delicious, full of flavour and extremely filling. I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you x  
Belinda Campbell
Thank you for the beautiful meals!! Kids and parents all happy tonight! Ashley Michailaros
I've just discovered Let LuLu through a friend and I am so impressed with this business - I just wish that I'd known about it during chemo treatment! How wonderful to receive meals that are fresh, ready to go and honestly delicious - just when you're running out of steam and then a wonderfully practical gift arrives - so much better than flowers! My husband even commented on how fresh the food tasted - full of flavour and a much better option than a quick and dirty take out. Not just for new Mums but for anyone who is struggling and could do with some TLC. Those recovering from illess, friends going through a rough time, or even a self-TLC idea. Well done Let Lulu! :-) xxx 
Yvonne Nicol
Thanks for my yummy dinner Let Lulu! The beef rendang was amazing!  
Meghan Butland
I received a voucher at the PANDA lunch. I ordered the pack and was so impressed with the ease of ordering, the seamless delivery, the food itself and the concept of send help not flowers. 
Louise Dunham
I was fortunate to win a Let Lulu meal pack through my co-working space, Happy Hubbub. Providing my family with healthy, delicious food is so important to me, yet as a freelancing mum I often struggle for time. Having a bunch of Let Lulu meals in the fridge ready to go is simply bliss as I can spend that time working or playing with the kids, instead of cooking, and still be able to look forward to a proper meal. Oh, and each and every one of the meals has been absolutely delicious.
Abby Storey