About Us

Hello, I'm Kate Ritchie (not of Summer Bay!), and I created Let Lulu to make it simple for people to send the wonderful, practical and much needed gift of freshly made meals to their friends, family, staff and clients.
Let Lulu was an idea in the back of my mind for several years after having my own beautiful babies. We were lucky enough to receive many lovely flower deliveries, which was very special and we loved the kindness and excitement that gesture represented.  
But as time went on, and more and more of my friends, colleagues and family members had babies, I felt it was a great shame that there wasn't a more nurturing, practical gift available.While I'd have loved to cook up a batch of meals when someone in my life had a baby, was recovering from illness or going through a difficult time, like so many of us I just did not have the time.
I thought it would be wonderful if there was a simple way to send the gift of nourishing meals, and what a huge benefit that would be to the recipient. 
I also thought it would be pretty wonderful to offer a convenient, genuinely nourishing option for those extra busy and stressful times we all go through, when not having to worry about what to cook for dinner is a huge relief.
Some people don't have the luxury of worrying about what to cook for dinner - they cannot afford any food for their families. The number of people in our community going without food is simply shocking, and unacceptable. So I made the decision in June 2017 that for every meal ordered from Let Lulu, we would fund a meal for someone in need in Victoria. We do this through our charity partner FareShare.
We are so proud to be able to give a helping hand to people doing it tough in our community and our customers love that their gift gives twice. 
I established Let Lulu in 2015 with the advice, help and huge encouragement of my husband Joel (and frequent input and meal suggestions from our two children!) and we've been proudly serving a growing number of Melbournians ever since. 
We are looking forward to expanding our service to other states in 2018. 
Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy what we've created.
Kate (aka Lulu) xx